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Go to the market with KM 0 products in the villages of the region Valdichiana Senese

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Look for the flavors and knowledges of this region

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Bring them home and cook a real taste of Valdichiana, visit

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Taste the exclusive flavor of our land

Food, wine, typical products and traditional dishes

We always carry within us the dishes and flavors of our tradition: they are part of our land’s past and present.
We support small, local farmers, and their produce is part of our way of eating: every food is grown according to its seasonality, and its entire production chain is available to those who want to know more. This means that every product is traceable, reliable and that all its characteristics are transparent for the final consumers: we are free to fully appreciate its flavor, freshness and all-around goodness.

This is why Valdichiana Eating was born: to tell you the story behind our short distribution chain products, to guide you in picking and tasting our food and wine excellences, and to show you the value of the quality certifications that Valdichiana Senese has earned through the years.

Let’s begin our journey…

… it will continue with, the online shop to bring home Food Boxes from Valdichiana. Here you will meet the producers, learn about products and traditional and genuine recipes from Valdichiana. 

Our local food market

An expression of knowledge and flavors, between ancient traditions and new excellences

Locally sourced markets are built on authenticity, the fundamental ingredient of the Mediterranean cuisine – a cuisine that is simple yet well-finished, varied yet always dependable.
In our locally sourced market, you will find products grown by our artisans of flavor, professionals who base their work values on transparency and traceability. Their stories, methods, origins and recipes have root that run deep in our traditions.

Every year, VValdichiana Eating picks a square from a nearby town and gathers producers and products for a weekend – here you will be able to discover the true flavor of this land.

Come visit our locally sourced market.

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