Anteprima del Vino Nobile di Montepulciano

Montepulciano, Fortezza Poliziana – February

Every year in Montepulciano- Tuscany  one of the most recognized events in the wine industry takes place: the Preview of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. In addition to the usual appointments dedicated to the industry experts, the event opens its doors to the growing audience of wine enthusiasts, with the possibility for everyone to enjoy one of the best wines in the world -the first in Italy to be awarded the DOC label, and then the DOCG one- in a context of absolute importance as the Fortress of Montepulciano. An event that the growing number of wine lovers cannot miss and a unique opportunity to discover Montepulciano.

Festa dell'olio nuovo

Trequanda – October

The Festa dell’Olio Nòvo in Trequanda opens the season of events dedicated to the new oil production. The event is focused on the excellence of the oil obtained after the first harvest; it celebrates the quality and excellent taste of a highly representative product of the gastronomic culture of the Valdichiana Senese. The festival is organized by the association Pro Loco di Trequanda; it will have numerous activities including conventions, meetings with experts, markets and tastings of the main product: the new oil.

La valle del gigante bianco

Centro storico di Bettolle – End of May, first days of June

 “La Valle del Gigante Bianco” [The Valley of the White Giant] is an historical and cultural event organized by the Association “Amici della Chianina” [Friends of the Chianina Cow]. It is dedicated to the Chianina cow, the biggest cattle breed in the world, with particular attention to its connection with its home the Val di Chiana and its culinary uses.
The event is held in the village of Bettolle – historic homeland of the Chianina and birthplace of Professor Ezio Marchi (1869-1908), the first major scholar who has ever studied this cattle breed and who is responsible for its genetic improvement as a working animal and for its use in our culinary tradition. in the ’30s in Bettolle Professor Giuliani began the modern selection of the Chianina cow  in the two breeds “Puccio” and “Passerini”. During this event, you can enjoy conferences, photographic exhibitions and documentaries, folk events, games for children, animal shows, local products market, meat cutting demos, tastings and motorcycles shows with Vespa scooters, bicycles and vintage tractors.

Sagra dei pici

Centro storico di Celle sul Rigo – Last Sunday of May

Made with poor ingredients but rich in flavour, Pici pasta represents one of the most characteristic dishes of our peasant tradition. This pasta can go with various kinds of sauces and it has been in our Sunday menus of for many generations. In Celle sul Rigo, in the municipality of San Casciano dei Bagni, this product is celebrated with a festival during the last week of May.  In 2013 the Pici of Celle Sul Rigo have been awarded the recognition of the Italian Touring Club that guarantees their quality and authenticity. In the weeks before the Pici festival, the entire community, supported by the local Philharmonic Society, prepares this typical pasta, which is patiently rolled up by all the women of Celle sul Rigo.A moment of community union reflecting the bond between the product and its territory. The Pici festival takes place on the last Sunday of May and it is widely considered as the true and only Pici festival.