Macelleria Belli

Macelleria “Belli” is located in Torrita di Siena, a few kilometers from Montepulciano and Pienza. Founded in 1969, in a little over 40 years, the owner Alfiero and his sons, Roberta and Marco, with passion and dedication to their work have turned a small provincial butcher shop into a beautiful and well-known reality with two establishments recognized by the European community, and one sales point where you can find homemade cured meats and hams, fresh pork meats including the precious “Cinta senese” breed, and beef meats such as “Chianina”, porchetta (spit-roasted pork), and much more.
At the Macelleria “Belli” everything is produced according to the ancient recipes of the Tuscan countryside tradition. Particular attention is paid to the choice of meat: the raw material from the best local companies; the agliata (a sauce made of fresh cloves of garlic, pepper, and peasant wine); and, last but not least, the wild fennel, used to flavor a few more some products. As the only concession to the modern taste, we aim at creating a tasty product that is not overly salty.
The Macelleria “Belli” produces hams, pork loins, capocollo (pork meat taken from the neck), rigatino (pork bacon seasoned with garlic, salt and pepper) and pork cheek, salami, and “L’imbrogliona” (the “Cheater”, also known as “Finocchiona”), which is the typical Tuscan salami flavored with wild fennel. All these typical delicacies of the Tuscan pork butchering are made of pork meat from the local farms, and also with meat of pigs of the precious “Cinta senese” breed. Here, we also work wild boar thighs, loins and capocollo, in addition to seasoned salami and sausage. Along with these well-known products, also others are available: soppressata (a typical uncured dry sausage) and buristo (a cured meat made of pig’s blood), marinated pork meat, coppiette (a typical starter made of dry pork meat), bresaola (air-cured beef), truffle salami… there is no limit to the creativity of the “kids” of Macelleria “Belli”, and every small idea turns into a success. Seeing is believing!

Macelleria Belli – Via Passeggio Garibaldi , 55 Torrita di Siena – +39 0577 685095 –

Torrita di Siena