Oliviera Sant’Andrea

This passion will never leave us: in our family, the Gigantis, we’ve been growing our olive trees, harvesting and crushing their fruits in our mill called “Oliviera Sant’Andrea”.

Our uttermost care employed for our PGI Olio del Capùnto along the whole production chain, creates a strong extravirgin olive oil, with a variety of vegetable overtones: you’ll taste a powerful artichoke aroma, as well as a tomato leaf’s bouquet. A high-quality and really Tuscan personality, which has been recognized for years by manifold authorities in our sector: Ercole Olivario, Sirena d’Oro, Biol, Montiferru, Flos Olei, Japan Olive Oil Prize, to mention only a few.
The best way to know us better is coming and visiting us in our mill in Costallaia, just a few steps outside the old town of Sinalunga, right in the heart of the Sienese Tuscany. Can’t wait to try our extravirgin olive oil? Taste it right at your place, you can buy it on our website: www.oliodelcapunto.it