Podere Bulgherino Az.Agr. Barzi Gianni

The organic farm “Podere Bulgherino” was established in 2001 in Palazzone. We have always aimed at diversifying the crops, without abandoning the traditional agronomic practices of a time. So, I began to produce wine, oil and wheat. Subsequently, I integrated spelt, lentils, chickpeas, beans and grass peas, with the intent of starting their direct sale. All of these products, along with the white truffle, which I personally hunt for in autumn, are now available at our shop, located in San Casciano dei Bagni. Christmas gift baskets are available upon request.
With the distinguishing perseverance and patience of farmers, I have taken on this project.
Gianni Barzi

Az. Agr. Barzi Gianni “Podere Bulgherino”– Via S. Allende, 5 San Casciano dei Bagni – +39 338 8940167