Soc. Agr. Bagnolo

Our family-run company guarantees a quality product, processed according to the ancient methods and traditions, with the use of modern techniques. The whole family is involved in this job: direct management of the pastures, as well as of the breeding of the flock, milking, cheese making, and distribution of the product.

Pecorino di Pienza is seasoned, according to tradition, in the following ways:

– Fresh and “a hundred molds”, to be consumed consume within10/20 days from production,

– Semi-seasoned, aged about 40 days

– Seasoned, aged over 90 days,

– Seasoned walnut leaves, aged over 5 months and wrapped in walnut leaves

We also produce Pecorino Cheese “di fossa”, ricotta, yogurt, and organic extra-virgin olive oil, obtained by cold pressing of the olives harvested by hand.

The farm can provide accommodation, offering to groups the possibility, by appointment, of taking guided tours in the production areas of the cheese, as well as of tasting its products. A direct sales point is also available.