Suzie’s Yard

I am Suzie Alexander, owner of the certified organic farm “Suzie’s Yard”, located at a short distance from Cetona. Across a surface of 13 hectares, I happily produce oil, wine, honey, wheat, spelt, chickpeas, vegetables, nuts and officinal herbs, pursuing the organic protocol and experimenting the techniques related to permanent agriculture (“permaculture”) in some areas. In the summer, at lunch, you will find available the Osteria Agricola “Dal Campo al Tavolo” [From the Field to the Table]: the menu offers few vegetarian dishes, prepared with our own products, and seasonal products. The farm is also an educational one, which welcomes adults and children. Groups of students from all over the world come here looking for models of sustainable agriculture, and also to increase their knowledge of the techniques to take care of both land and human beings. Our food, which has the smell of the past, is strictly handcrafted.

Suzie’s Yard – S.S. 321 Sud, 30 Cetona – Tel: +39 348 8543665 –
GPS 42°56’27” N – 11°55’31” E