Tre case

The farm “Tre Case” is fruit of the efforts of Orlando Del Ticco, who was born in 1900, known by the nickname of “Calano”, which we have given also to one of our wine labels. The next generations have always been active in rural activities, and today they not only provide holiday experiences in restored houses located in Val d’Orcia (Unesco heritage); they also produce wine in Cetona, a small medieval village in the southern part of the Siena Province, in the area of production of Chianti dei Colli Senesi . Here you will find our sales point, the cellar “La Frasca”, where our staff will welcome and guide you on tasting of our wine and oil, combined with traditional local specialties. The vineyard area stretches out on a plateau at 350 m above sea level, in a good position, where the terroir is a medium-strong texture one. The harvesting is carried out exclusively by hand, after a selection of the extra grapes. Our wines do not undergo any filtration, and we carry out racking only by natural sedimentation; you are likely to find some small sediment in the bottom of the bottle. The processing and ageing take place entirely inside our cellar, and the product offered is fruit of the meticulous work we carry out . The “philosophy” that we have always adopted has led us not to make use of the collaboration of an oenologist: we have just called upon the advice of the Analytical Laboratory “ISVEA”, without joining the specifications for D.O.C. [Denomination of Controlled Origin]and D.O.C.G. [Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin].This is because we believe that, although the specifications were born with a right basic principle, later they have become a purely commercial and bureaucratic brand, which does not guarantee the best quality ever. We are directly responsible for ensuring control, with the aim of delivering a product that may enable us to pursue our goals, such as quality and genuineness in respect of our tradition, our experience over the years, and the expertise that characterizes us.
Podere “Tre Case”, Cetona, Wine: the Style of a Company, the Tradition of a Town, the Quality of a Product.

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