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Craft beer: the new leader of the table!

The craft beer has now become an undisputed protagonist of the table in Valdichiana Senese, and the breweries present on our territory only confirm this. Although this is the land of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, not everyone is a lover of red wine. Beer, in fact, can be a valid alternative, not only as a drink in itself, but also as a drink to complement meal. Let’s take a closer look at the beer-food pairings, which are equally suitable as the classic, evergreen wine-food pairing.

As reported by the Encyclopedia of beer, the beer-food pairings are based on two different criteria, and both are very clear: the combination must be either by contrast, or by combination.

The first parameter includes the choice of beers with characteristics that are antithetical to the taste of food, with the purpose of cleaning the mouth, so as to savor the next dish. For example, naturally sweet foods such as rice, pasta, rare meat, will preferably be combined with a full-bodied, bitter, and particularly effervescent beer. The “sweet” beers, with a softer taste, are instead to be combined with naturally richer foods, such as grilled meats, or spicy and flavored food. On the other hand, if you are fond of fatter and tastier meats, cold cuts and cheeses, it is better to combine them with more full-bodied, alcoholic, and effervescent beers.

On the other hand, the combination by similitude is based on the taste-olfactory structure of food and beer. As a result, richer dishes should be combined with more full-bodied beers, as well as delicate foods should be combined with less rich beers, or fruity beers for desserts.

Beware of those who say that drinking beer during meals is not very elegant, or that it will never be a valid alternative to wine. Beer, the craft one, is a valid option for any type of dinner!