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Crostini neri? Here’s the Valdichiana Senese’s version

The Tuscan “crostino nero” (also called “crostino with the livers”) has thousands of versions, almost one per zone, or even for family. All Sunday lunches, that worths being considered as it, should be opened with crostini neri, almost as a sacred rite. Anyway, realize which is the authentic recipe, it’s really impossible.That’s why we decided to share with you the original recipe from the Valdichiana Senese.

At the base of the recipe from the Valdichina Senese, there are celery and onion browned at which must be added the livers cut in small pieces. At this point, add the pan capers and anchovy paste to define the flavour. Bake everything and then pour the mixture into the vegetable passage. Et voilà, the result will be an inviting mousse to spread over the freshly cut bread.

But the peculiarity of the recipe from Valdichiana Senese is in the final touch. In fact, before serving on the table, the housewives from the Valdichiana Senese are used to bathe the crostini with a spoonful of hot chicken soup, so as to soften and flavour the crostini, to make them even more appetizing.

Did you think to know all the recipes? Well, now you probably know them and you just have to try it!