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The Chianina cattle: the white giant of the Valdichiana Senese

The largest calves breed in the world has its origin in this territory. Illustrations dating back to the Etruscan-Roman period bear witness to its presence in Valdichiana since time immemorial. This gigantic and docile cattle has been a valuable ally for men, thanks to its dual attitude to work and meat production.

The original Florentine Steak comes from this magnificent animal.

The shape and quality of the Chianina breed is the result of a selection begun in the last century by a leading figure in the municipality of Sinalunga. Prof. Ezio Manchi was the first scholar who studied the Chianina scientifically. A research project that allowed the White Giant to land also overseas, to contribute to the improvement of local breeds.

A curiosity about the Chianina Cattle: In 1955, at eight years of age, a bull named “Donetto”, born at a farm near Sinalunga, achieved a weight of 1,780 kg, winning the record for the biggest calf in the world.