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(It) “Siamo quello che mangiamo”: cinque ragioni per scegliere cibo di qualità e a km 0

When in the XIXth century the German philosopher Feuerbach stated “we are what we eat”, he had not had an entirely wrong intuition. All the food we introduce to our body actually influences the physical, as well as the energetic and psychological processes of each of us. And not to say, to make the difference in the food process is of course the quality of the food.

Unfortunately, considering the age we live in, eating healthy food has become more and more difficult. Not everyone, probably very few, being forced to buy products in the first supermarket in the city, have the choice of food to take on their own table. Thinking about our habits is more often when we give up quality for something more practical and fast without even realizing the negative influence it may have on our body. Moreover, without realizing that renouncing to healthy products means giving up a healthy lifestyle.

Valdichiana Eatinig, thanks to the producers and farmers circuit strictly at km 0, is constantly carrying out this mission. But let’s see the closest reason for choosing to eat local and quality food:

  1. Nutrition Principles.

    So the so called “peasant” products are much richer and nutrient in vitamin C, antioxidants, calcium minerals, chromium and magnesium.

  2.  Favor the growth of the brain and body of the children.

    Children are much more sensitive to toxins than adults. The choice of organic foods helps nourish their bodies without exposing them to pesticides and genetically modified organisms, which both have a relatively short history of use and therefore safety.

  3.  Real food and no pesticide factories.

    If you were looking for food from access color and perfect shape at all costs, then you are not probably looking for healthy food. In food, most times the appearance deceives. To look perfect and appetizing are often genetically modified foods, which can continue to produce pesticides inside those who eat them.

  4. Local agriculture supports the Earth.

    Organic farming is the sustainability choice for the future and it is enough to compare it with modern farming practices. These, in fact, are often destructive to the environment through the widespread use of diarhicides, pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers that involve drastic environmental damage.

  5. A domestic version of fair trade.

    Local food choices and km 0, from food grown on small farms, help families of independent farmers to be able to create their livelihoods and of course continue to produce quality food.

After  two centuries Science has confirmed that Feuerbach has not seen us so far, indeed: we can say that we are what we eat in all respects.
And for you, if you care about quality food and healthy nutrition, then you  just have to choose Valdichiana Eating products.