ribollita valdichiana
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Ribollita: a poor dish with a rich flavour

Ribollita is a poor peasants’dish, typical of the Tuscan culinary tradition. The origin of the “minestra di pane” (as it is known in our territory) dates back to the Middle Ages, when the noblemen used to eat their food combined with a large amount of bread. At the end of the meal, the leftovers were given to the servants, who warmed it with their vegetables, getting a real soup of bread and vegetables.

Still today, ribollita is the protagonist of our table, especially in Autumn.

Given the poor origin of the dish, the ingredients are all really simple. Along with bread, the main ingredients of the recipe are seasonal vegetables: black cabbage, cabbage, onions, beets, carrots and beans. Once the vegetable soup is boiled, it is mixed with stale bread. The result will be a mixture of bread and vegetables, which is not apparently too “gourmet”, but with a unique taste.

A mix of Tuscan flavours and colours, ideal either as a main dish or as a tasting for an appetizing starter and, why not, as an aperitif, for those who are more radical-chic.