Cheese and jam: the perfect combination!

In the last few years, the selection of cheeses combined with jam has become a real protagonist of the table. Whether as an entrée, to whet your appetite before a soft first course, or either as a dessert, as an alternative to the traditional pastries, cheese and jam is definitely an ideal combinations in the kitchen. Anyway, choosing the right one is not always that easy. Especially in a time when being a guru of food combination, whether wine or food or something else, has become fundamental.

However, why should you combine cheese with jam? The reason is essentially a chemical one. Cheese, in fact, is free from sugars, and finds its natural complement right in jams. A perfect balance of taste and flavors.

For the right combination, however, two factors have to be taken into account. Milk, whether from sheep or cow, and the type of seasoning, soft, semi-seasoned, etc. Then, following the principle of balance, a softer and sweeter cheese will be ideal to match with a bitter jam, whereas stronger and more seasoned cheeses should be combined with sweeter jams.


Our suggestions?

Fresh Pecorino Cheese combined with acacia honey or jam of figs, peppers or green tomatoes.

Semi-seasoned Pecorino cheese combined with chestnut honey, citrus jams or jams of peppers, fig, and pears.

Goat’s Cheeses combined with Acacia honey, Multi-flower honey, or jams of onion, radicchio, blackberries, blueberries, orange, or mandarin.

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